Friday, October 18, 2013

Airport Stopover

After consultation with a travel agent (really, a good friend who reads widely and gave good advice), I decided to route this journey with a stopover only in Brazil for now. The symbolism or whatever of Manuel Puig's Blood of Requited Love is not there for me -- just a more brutal Lolita story. I guess I need to read more "high-brow" fiction to get it.

So, back to the old world, via Ismail Kadare's Agamemnon's Daughter.  More on that in a day or so.

And note, my blogging skills might be as high as my skills at understanding symbols.  So, while there is a Facebook page called International Reads, I haven't set up an icon for that yet.  For now, I can manage a link here.  I hope everyone will feel free to post their own thoughts and even failures for reading abroad. And if you are interested in guest blogging, well, that sounds great, too!

thanks for stopping by.


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